Our History
Marcus Spurway: Discovering the genesis of a Great Perfumer
1825: Mr. Hermann, Marcus Spurway's uncle on vacation in Cannes, opens the 1st distillery of orange blossoms which he names "La Parfumerie de l'Ile Notre Dame".
1893: Marcus Humphrey Spurway, Brazilian consul in Cannes and Herbert O'Donoghue, descendant of the Royal House of Munster in Ireland, take up the torch. The Perfumery becomes Spurway.
1897: The House opens workshops around the world (London, New York, Vienna, Sydney, Cannes) and enriches its fragrances with raw materials from 4 corners of the globe.
In each of their stores, they experiment with an individualized sensory approach allowing them to express the most subtle nuances of a personality.
1905: Spurway quickly becomes the emblem of the made-to-measure perfume and official perfumer of the Queen of England.
1935: Jacques Langasque, prodigy of the world of Perfumery and Cosmetics takes over the reins of society. The brand painstakingly develops a range of products for a loyal and renowned clientele.
1945: The creation of the Cannes film festival makes it possible to meet an international audience, immediately seduced by the oldest Perfumery in Cannes. The uniqueness of the Maison Spurway even fascinates prestigious icons like Michèle Morgan for whom the brand develops custom-made perfumes.
The Man Behind
Tony AAD: Bridging Tradition and Modernity
Passionate about the world of perfume and beauty in general, Tony Aad began his career as a product designer and has been evolving for over twenty years in the world of direct sales.
His thirst for innovation and entrepreneurship prompted him very quickly to take an interest in the Marcus Spurway company and its ancestral know-how. He then decided to take up the challenge of combining the manufacture of authentic products with modern distribution.
He took over the company in 2011 and chose the third distribution channel, direct sales in order to provide personalized advice on the art of niche perfumery and the know-how of a French house directly at home.
An Exciting Future
Always innovating. Always pioneering.
Ambitious to disseminate its illustrious legacy and diffuse its olfactory signature throughout the world, Marcus Spurway, which is already a great success in Europe and America, continues to spread its international footprint.
2014: The brand opens its first personalized perfume creation counter in Hong Kong.
2015: Always looking for something new and fascinated by the world of beauty, Marcus Spurway declines his concept of personalized perfume counters into a new concept "l'Atelier Particulier".
The company has more than 2,000 home advisors and 150 references of meticulously handcrafted products in its workshop in Mouans-Sartoux.
The brand has recorded growth of 130% over the last two years (turnover multiplied by four in four years) and once again proves its desire to best satisfy its customers by offering them an original concept, that of the Atelier Particulier.
2016: The company decides to make some of its creations accessible through an online store. However, it still favors private sales in order to provide its customers with the expertise and advice of a Master Perfumer directly at home.