Congratulations on being PROMOTED to be a Marcus Spurway Preferred Customer!!!

Welcome to the ELITE CLUB OF PCs…..


Who is a Preferred Customer?

  • Your order value exceeds INR 3600/- ( taxes included ) in a single invoice during the calendar month allows you to upgrade as a Preferred Customer

What benefit does a PC get?

  • A PC gets a special discount of approximately 15% ( not exactly) on the purchase value everytime one make a purchase either during the month or in any future months

Will I be a PC for ever?

  • Every time you buy for more than INR 3600/- in a single invoice you will be treated by Marcus Spurway as a Preferred Customer. However, at the start of the next calendar month you will be again treated as a normal Customer ( no discount) till you purchase for INR 3600/- in one go!!!!!!

Thank you very much for being with Marcus Spurway

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